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Villas to suit your lifestyle

We have handpicked our villas to suit a number of lifestyles. These range from villas that cater for everything from large groups and families to couples and smaller groups, centrally located villas close to the action as well as countryside retreats. We also offer villas with stunning sea views and over half of our villas are within walking distance of a beach.

Take a look at what we’ve got and we’re sure you’ll find the right villa for you. Our villas typically include our fantastic range of free added extras too!


Villas for large families and groups - 180 Villas

"We have over 150 villas that can cater for 10 or more people."

Centrally located villas - 653 Villas

"These villas are located close to the resort centre and local amenities."

Beach villas - 359 Villas

"The beach is just a walk away from hundreds of our villas."

Sea view villas - 449 Villas

"Our range of over 430 villas with stunning sea views."

Villas for couples and small groups - 850 Villas

"Ideal for couples, families or small groups."

Countryside villas - 427 Villas

"Our countryside villas are perfect for getting away from it all."

Very Villa Plus - 131 Villas

"Villas with a little something else and more free extras."

Villas with heated pools - 867 Villas

"We have over 780 villas with heated pools at no extra cost."

Air conditioned villas - 1424 Villas

"Keep cool - 99% of our villas have free air con."

Villas with WiFi - 1410 Villas

"Over 90% of our villas have free WiFi."

Villas with gated pools - 283 Villas

"A selection of over 240 villas where you can pay for a pool fence."

Villas with tennis courts - 12 Villas

"For the more active, sporty types we have a selection of villas with tennis courts."

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