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Frequently Asked Questions

Before I book

Finding my Villa Holiday

How do I search for a villa?

Searching for a villa is easy. If you know the name of the villa you wish to book, please enter the villa name using the “villa name” tab on the home page. Alternately, use the search bar where you can select the relevant option from each section on the search bar and click the ‘Search’ button.

What age ranges define adults, children and infants?

• Adults: Anyone aged 16 or above on the return journey

• Children: Children must be aged between 2 and 15 on the return journey

• Infants: Infants are babies aged 23 months or under on the return journey

Does the website show all availability?

Yes. Our website shows live availability and is up to date with the best available price shown.

Can I change my arrival dates (for example have a Thursday to Thursday booking instead of a Friday to a Friday?)

Our villas have set changeover and arrival days and can be booked for either 7, 14, 21 or 28 nights. You are welcome to arrive later or leave earlier to accommodate your holiday dates, however no refunds will be given for any days the villa is not occupied for your selected holiday period.

Do you accept 10 night bookings?

All of our villas can be booked for 7, 14, 21 or 28 nights. If you wish to book a 10 night villa holiday, then just book the villa online for 14 nights. The lead passenger must then email the Travel Team with the booking reference number and ask for a 10 night duration on the flights and a new quote.

Members of our travel party want to fly from different airports. Can this be booked through Villa Plus?

Yes, we can help! Please click the "add more flights" button when presented during the online booking process and follow the instructions to select additional airports and flights. You will then be able to assign different members of your party to different flights. Once you have done this, click on continue and you will see the flights you have chosen for your party along with an overall price.

We wish to go for 2 weeks but some of the party are only going for one week, what do we do?

For a villa only booking, please email or call us to let us know who will be staying at the villa for a shorter time once you have made your booking. This is so we can let our in-resort team know who will be staying at the villa when.

For a Villa and Flight inclusive package holiday, please make a booking on the website for 2 weeks and select the "pay by phone" option at the end of the booking process. Our Travel Team will then call you and will give a quote for those in your party who only wish to travel for a shorter length of time.

What are the flight times and which airline we are flying with?

You'll be able to see the flight times and airline in the Flights section at the start of the of the online booking process. If you wish to change to an alternative flight, please select the "more flight options" button on the flight details section. This will allow you to see all other available flights from your chosen airport.

There are not enough beds shown for the maximum occupancy for the villa. Why is this?

An additional Z bed can be added, dependent on the destination. This is an additional cost of £30.00 per week to villa only bookings but free within a package booking and are adequate for under 15 years old only.

Pricing my villa holiday

Can you give me availability on a villa and cost?

You can view the live availability and cost on each villa, via the “availability tab.” For example, to view availability for the Villa Altis Park, please click

How much is the deposit on a holiday?

When booking a holiday with 12 or more weeks until you travel, a deposit will be required. For villa only holidays, the deposit required will be 10% of the villa cost. If you’re booking a villa and flight inclusive package, the deposit will vary depending on the airline you book your flights with.

Most airlines will ask for the full cost at the time of booking, however TUI airways (formerly known as Thomson) ask for a deposit of £102.50 per person. You’ll be able to see the deposit required as you go through the booking process.

What is the ADW for? Is it refundable?

The accidental damage waiver (normally around £22 per bedroom) is a non-refundable charge which is there to protect you from any additional charges caused by accidental damage. For full details, please view our Booking Conditions here

Assistance requirements

Can you arrange assistance at the airport?

When booking a villa and flight inclusive package, we can arrange assistance for you. Please select the “wheelchair assistance” tick box during the online booking process. We’ll then send a form to the lead passenger to fill out and can arrange assistance on your behalf.

We have a disability and require special assistance; can we still book a Villa holiday?

If you need to check a villa is suitable for your needs, please tick the “villa suitability” check box during the online booking process, for any passengers who you feel will need to have the villa checked. When we receive your booking, we will email a form to the lead passenger which must be completed and returned to We will then check with our overseas team to ensure the villa is suitable for your needs.

Booking my holiday

Can I hold a villa off sale?

No, sadly, we cannot hold a villa off sale, however you can submit a provisional booking which will be held for 2 hours while we actively contact you.

I would like to stay in two different villas during my stay. How can I book this?

You can book a twin-centre holiday with Villa Plus. For ‘Villa Only’ please put 2 separate bookings through and select the option to pay by phone. For package bookings please put the first week through with flights and select option to pay by phone and a separate booking for the second villa as a ‘Villa Only’ booking and select option to pay by phone. Please don’t pay anything online. On both bookings our reservations team will call you during opening hours to confirm your holiday so please request the additional villa then.

Can I contact the Travel Team to make a booking?

We do not take bookings over the phone and need you to complete the booking pages online. Please refer to our FAQs to answer any questions you may have. If you have not found the answer to your question here, please contact our Travel Team who will be happy to help.

I have a baby on the way! Can I add them on my holiday?

Firstly, congratulations. Infants can only be added to the booking when they are born and have been named. We can then advise you of any required costs to add an infant to a booking.

Is luggage included on my flight?

With the exception of TUI airways, most airlines do not include hold luggage on your flight. You will be able to check the cost and add the required number of hold bags on the first page of the booking form. If the cost of baggage does not appear on your flight, our Travel Team will contact you to advise of the cost and to confirm your holiday.

Do names need to match passports exactly?

To confirm your booking we just require first and surnames as they appear on your passports. Middle names, and special characters such as apostrophes or hyphens are not required.

What financial protection does my holiday have?

Villa Plus is fully ATOL protected and are members of ABTA. Our ATOL number is 2323 and our ABTA number is Y6093. For more information, please click here

What is a starter pack and can I add it to my booking?

A starter pack provides you with basic essentials and sufficient food for a light snack. Typically included are:  milk, bread, tea and coffee, juice, pasta, tomato pasta sauce, mineral water and a bottle of wine.  Matches, bin bags and washing up liquid are also included. You can add a starter pack when booking a holiday online. The £35 cost of the starter pack also includes a small purchase and delivery charge as well as the items and can add to your booking, up to 48 hours before travel. Please note that we are unable to change or add contents to the starter pack.  If you have booked a Very Villa Plus villa, a starter pack is included in the cost of your holiday.

Do I need to bring my own child seat if I have booked a car hire or private transfer?

You will need to bring your own child seat in some destinations when booking private transfers. Child seats will be provided in all destinations provided they have been requested at the time of booking a car. Please note that the driver will ask you to fit and secure these child seats to your satisfaction. Click these links to find out more about car hire and transfers in all our destinations.

I have been given a provisional booking reference number and cannot pay for my holiday online. Why is this?

You were shown the option to pay by phone which is why you received a provisional booking reference number. There could be two reasons for this:

1) If you are making a booking for 10 or more people, this is classed as a group booking by most airlines. This means we need to contact your airline to reconfirm flight prices and availability. Our travel team will contact you during office hours to check this and confirm your holiday.

2) If you have selected that one of your party requires a villa suitability check, we will need to contact you to discuss your booking and check if the villa is suitable for your requirements.

Paying for my holiday

When is my balance due?

Balances are due 12 weeks before your departure date. We will send you a reminder email of your balance two weeks prior to the balance due date. You will be able to see the date your balance is due during the booking process as well as on your holiday invoice.

How do I pay my balance?

You can pay your balance using the link on your balance reminder as well as in the covering email of your invoice.

Will you take my balance automatically?

For security reasons we do not take balance payments automatically. We will remind you of your balance 2 weeks prior to the balance due date.

I don’t wish to pay all my balance now, can I pay in small instalments?

You can pay an amount of your choice as regularly as you would like to up until your balance due date. This can be done via the payment link on your invoice.

Can other people make payments towards my holiday?

Yes they can. They'll just need to call our Travel Team and quote your booking reference number. We can then take payment on your holiday.

I have a Covid-19 Villa Voucher to redeem - can I do this online?

Yes, you can redeem your voucher onling by entering the code on the email you received with the voucher details.

The following terms and conditions of use apply to these Non-package Villa Only Vouchers:

  • The voucher is valid for 3 years from the date of issue.
  • It can be redeemed against villa accommodation only.
  • It has no cash value, no transferable cash value and no refund will be given if a villa for a lesser amount is booked. 
  • It is not transferable to 3rd parties and cannot be sold, donated or used as a promotional gift.
  • The voucher is single use only and cannot be used in conjunction with any other voucher or offer.
  • This voucher is issued on a goodwill basis and does not relate to any booking made with Villa Plus Ltd., before the date of issue.
  • This voucher is not covered by ABTA’s scheme of financial protection.
  • Booking amendments can be made as per our regular booking conditions, but if the booking is subsequently cancelled, no refund or further voucher will be issued.

New Package Travel Directive (PTD) 2018

What does the new PTD regulations mean to me & what do I need to know?

1a). The new regulations only apply to holiday travel arrangements booked on or after 1 July 2018. If you have booked a package holiday before 1 July 2018, your package holiday will be covered by previous regulation.

1b). A package holiday can come in many different forms and can be sold in different ways – for example, a ‘ready-made’ package where the different travel services are put together for you by Villa Plus and offered at a single price, for example a Flight and Villa (with ATOL certificate), or a Villa and Car hire (without ATOL certificate)

1c). A package holiday has both Legal and Financial protection.

Key Points:

A package holiday is a combination of at least two diverse types of travel services, which are listed below:

transport (such as a flight)

accommodation(such as a hotel, villa or apartment)

car rental

Or a tourist service (such as a transfer) where this is a significant part of the holiday, where the value of the tourist service accounts for 25% of the combination with one of the above travel services.

If your Package Holiday includes a flight you have the legal protection of the Package and Travel Regulations 2018 and you will be issued with an ATOL certificate along with the protection that affords.  

If your Package Holiday does not include a flight (i.e. Villa only accommodation with Car hire) you will not receive an ATOL certificate but you have the legal protection of the Package and Travel regulations 2018.  

If your holiday includes villa accommodation and private transfer ( a tourist service ) where the cost of the transfer ( tourist service ) accounts for 25% of the combination with one of the above travel services, then it is a Package Holiday without flights or ATOL. You will have the same legal protection afforded by the Package and Travel Regulations 2018. If the cost of the transfer ( tourst service ) is less than 25%, then it is not a Package and does not have the same legal protection afforded by the Package and Travel Regulations 2018.

For more details please refer to our booking conditions:

Brexit Advice

How will Brexit affect my travel?

The Uk left the EU at 23:00 hours on 31st January 2020 and is currently continuing talks to achieve Brexit trade deals. The UK is currently in a transition period whereby travelling regulations will remain the same as now and you can continue to travel as you do now, until 31st December 2020.

We are monitoring the situation closely and will update our customers with any new information. Should there be a no-deal Brexit, we have provided some essential information for travellers and will update our website as new information becomes available.

ABTA's website offers general traveller advice around Brexit considerations: ABTA Brexit Advice: Read more

We have prepared our information based on the destinations / countries which we feature in our programme. Should you additionally be travelling to any other European countries, please check the UK website for full details of any changes that may affect you after 31st January 2020.

Can I still use my UK Driving Licence?

It has been confirmed that after Brexit, the Uk will have a transition period until December 2020, during which UK drivers can continue to drive without requiring an International Driving Permit / IDP ( available from Post Offices at a cost of £5.50. )

The website gives full guidance details:

EU Driving post Brexit: Read More

IDP's: Read More

Will I also need a Green Card to drive in the EU?

You won't need a Green Card if you're hiring a car in the EU, as the Car Hire supplier's insurance will cover you.

It has now been confirmed that during the transition period after Brexit, UK Residents will not need a Green Card to drive in the EU using their own cars or cars hired in the UK, which they are taking to the EU.

What happens to the EHIC cards / Travel Insurance?

The UK is currently in a transition period, during which UK registered EHIC cards will remain valid until the 31st December 2020.

All British residents travelling to Europe should also ensure that they have taken out a suitable travel insurance policy for their requirements, especially if travellers have specific medical considerations, as some health-related costs may not be covered, such as non-urgent treatments, ongoing medical treatment or medical repatriation.

Will my Flights operate as normal?

Further to the UK's departure from the EU, all flights between the UK and Europe are operating normally.

What about Mobile phone roaming charges?

Britain currently benefits from fixed rates for call, text and internet whilst within the EU and current usage is capped at 50 Euros. These benefits will continue whilst the Uk is in a transition period until 31st December 2020. If you have any specific concerns, we recommend that you check with your provider regarding any fee changes to their charges for using these services.

Do I need to renew my Passport / obtain a Visa after Brexit?

The UK Government recommends that all British Residents check the expiry date on their passport, as you must ensure that it is valid for the duration of your planned trip.

Check my passport: Read more

Renew my passport: Read more

These rules will apply to all EU countries within the Schengen area. For countries outside the Schengen area ( Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus and Romania ) there may be some different entry requirements.

Should the UK leave the EU in a no-deal Brexit scenario: travellers with short stays of 90 days or under, will require a current passport, with valid dates fr the duration of your travel. Border Control staff may require you to show return flight tickets and confirmation that you have sufficient funds available for the duration of your stay.)

Further information can be found on the Gov.Uk website: Read more

The European Commission has confirmed that during the 11 month transition period after Brexit, British Residents will not need a Visa to travel throughout Europe after Brexit until early 2021, when a proposed Visa may be introduced if you are travelling to certain countries. This is called a European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS) costing around 7 Euros. We will keep you updated on any change to this.

Updated January 2020

Modern Slavery Statement

Modern Slavery Statement

This statement is made in accordance with the Section 54 (1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and sets out the steps that Villa Plus is taking to prevent any instances of slavery, human trafficking or forced labour from within our organisation and supply chain.

This statement is made for the financial tax year ending 31st March 2019.

Our Business

Villa Plus is a UK based travel company founded in 1987, operating in multiple European destinations only and selling primarily to a UK customer base. Our supply chains include multiple property partners and their teams, Airlines, Destination Management companies, Tourist and Service suppliers.

Our Policies on slavery, forced labour and human trafficking

Our customers and staff are the heart of our business and are our highest priority. We expect our suppliers to operate with the same commitment criteria and integrity to ethical standards and decency for all employees, especially those where legal protection or employee regulations may be less developed and that all employees receive equal and fair treatment under international human rights and are able to work free from exploitation, mental or physical abuse, bullying or coercion.

Villa Plus welcomes transparency in all its operational procedures and encourages its employees to report or raise any concerns with their Line Manager, Senior Management team, or the Company’s owners and expects its supply chain partners to operate comparable practices. Villa Plus operates a whistleblowing policy designed so that employees and customers who have any concerns can report any suspicion of a breach of their policies without fear of reprisal.

Due Diligence

The owners of Villa Plus and senior management team take responsibility to investigate any suspicion of, or direct report of any instances of suspected maltreatment, injustice or illegal practice relating to the Modern Slavery Act. They will work to identify any risk areas within the business and their supply chain and mitigate any potential, suspected, reported risk. Villa Plus operates a strong recruitment policy and conducts eligibility checks to work in the UK for all employees to eradicate any possibility of human trafficking or enforced labour.

Supplier Code of Conduct

We will be working with our suppliers to require that they take appropriate steps to maintain fair and safe working conditions for their direct employees and pay the national minimum wage requirement applicable in their respective country. We will also expect them to hold their own suppliers to account for equitable fair employment practices.

Board Approval

This statement has been approved by the Board of Directors of Villa Plus Limited, Mr. N. Cooper and Mr. R. Mavani. This statement was issued in July 2019 and will be reviewed and updated annually, on or around 31st March 2020.

This statement was reviewed on 11th May 2020 - owing to the current cessation of commercial tourist travel, as a result of Coronavirus (Covid-19) our overseas holiday villa tourism programme is on hold. We will recommence our review of due diligence planning with our supply chains, once international tourism is resumed.

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