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Here at Villa Plus we are very conscious of the eco effect that our business and our clients have in our overseas resorts. We feel that we should be leading the way and set down some goals that will help reduce the impact on the local environment. As we introduce more facilities into the holiday experience we are more and more aware of the additional burden these initiatives have on the local environment. We therefore state a few principles where we can, in partnership with our owners, reduce this impact to partially offset the effect of these new idea and equipments. These are only suggestions and we will never insist that our clients adhere to any initiative we are planning. If you are concerned and want to do a little more, then there are steps you can take. The following are real proposals that we will try and lead the way with our owners and customers.
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Water Conservation

Bullet We will encourage owners to install mains water coolers and filters so that we may reduce the dependency on bottled water in this hot climate.
Bullet We will ask owners to always fit the new two-flush water cisterns in all new properties. We will encourage them to reduce the amount of water in existing cisterns.
Bullet We will try to convince owners to recycle green water for gardening purposes.
Bullet Help owners to install pool covers on our heated pool.
Bullet Assist owners in installing Solar Showers and Solar heating for the water. 
Bullet Re-affirm to clients ways to conserve water.

Power Conservation

Bullet Encourage the use of timers on exterior lights and ensure that they are maintained with low energy light bulbs.
Bullet Supply full instructions on the correct use of the air conditioning units to ensure minimum usage, yet maximum effectiveness at the villa.
Bullet To get owners to install cut-off switches on all windows and doors where air conditioning has been installed. If a window is opened, the unit cut off.  
Bullet Encourage owners to install wind turbines to assist in the supply of electricity to reduce the dependency on local grid.
Bullet Encourage a "switch off" environment.

Rubbish Collection

Bullet Recycle super market plastic bags wherever possible. Encourage the use of biodegradable "bin bags".
Bullet Encourage local authorities to set up bottle banks and ensure clients are given the location.
Bullet Encourage the local shops to stock biodegradable plastic bags and bottles.
Bullet Use more washable dish clothes rather that paper tissue.
Bullet Encourage local shops to sell eco-friendly clothes and dishwasher powder.

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